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File Context provides an easy way to store different documents/attachments

Project description

Django File Context

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File Context provides an easy way to store different documents/attachments


The full documentation is at


Install Django File Context::

pip install django-file-context

Add it to your `INSTALLED_APPS`:

.. code-block:: python


You need to add this to your INSTALLED_APPS, because we have our own

Add Django File Context's URL patterns:

.. code-block:: python

from file_context import urls as file_context_urls

urlpatterns = [
url(r'^', include(file_context_urls)),

This is optional. Actually, you can include your own URLs.


* Generic File model so you can store different kinds of files, images,
etc, using a single model;
* Attach/Detach the file model to other models
* Cool descriptor, so you don't have to keep mangling GenericForeignKeys
inside your models.


1. First of all, define your first model

:: python
from file_context.managers import Files

class MyModel(models.Model):

name = models.CharField(max_length=128)

files = Files()

2. That's it.
3. You can use the Files API to attach files to MyModel instances, using:

:: python

uploaded_file = File.objects.get(pk=1)
a = MyModel.objects.create(name='foo')

Running Tests

Does the code actually work?


source <YOURVIRTUALENV>/bin/activate
(myenv) $ pip install tox
(myenv) $ tox


Tools used in rendering this package:

* Huge props to django-taggit that inspired me to do the descritor

* Cookiecutter_
* `cookiecutter-djangopackage`_

.. _Cookiecutter:
.. _`cookiecutter-djangopackage`:


0.1.0 (2017-10-25)

* First release on PyPI.

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