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A django filemanager app

Project description

A Django app that wraps Filemanager from Core Five Labs, adding lots of Djangoy goodness


Install the package:

pip install django-filemanager

Add it to your installed apps:


Set a few config options:


And include its URLs:

# in

urlpatterns += patterns("",
    (r"^filemanager/", include("filemanager.urls")),

Now, send a user to /filemanager/ and they will be able to manage file uploads on the server.


The following options are supported:


The URL that uploaded files will be served from. This should be the MEDIA_URL with an optional suffix. The suffix should be the same as that used in the FILEMANAGER_UPLOAD_ROOT in most instances. For example:


The directory that uploaded files should be saved to. This should be the MEDIA_ROOT with an optional suffix. The suffix should be the same as that used in the FILEMANAGER_UPLOAD_URL in most instances. For example:


Either a callable, or a dotted Python import path to a callable, that checks if a user is authorised to use the Filemanager. Three default callbacks are supplied:

  • 'filemanager.auth.allow_all': Allow all users to use the filemanager.

  • 'filemanager.auth.require_staff': Only allow staff members (users with the staff attribute).

  • 'filemanager.auth.require_superuser': Only allow superusers (users with the superuser attribute).

The default is to only allow staff members.

If you want to write your own, it must be a callable that takes a Request object and returns a boolean:

# in myapp.auth
def check_filemanager_auth(request):
    return request.user.has_perm('...'):

# in
FILEMANAGER_AUTH_CALLBACK = 'myapp.auth.check_filemanager_auth'

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