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A Form that can have per-field queryset filters declaratively defined

Project description


In your virtualenv, use pip install django-filteredform.

You don’t need to install it into your settings.INSTALLED_APPS, as it does not provide any models or templates, only forms.


Declarative way to define filters on fields on a django model form:

from django import forms
from people.models import Person
from filtered_form.forms import FilteringForm

class PersonAdminForm(FilteringForm):
    class Meta:
        model = Person

    instance_filters = {
        'units': 'company.units'
    filters = {
        'units': models.Q(is_active=True),
        'colours__in': ['red','blue','green']


instance_filters are things that allow for relational filters to be applied.

For instance, if you have a triple of models, Person, Unit and Company, and every person and unit have a foreign key to a company, you can use an instance filter to easily select only the associated company’s units for a queryset when viewing a person.

Alternatively, you can supply a queryset method (that does not require arguments), for more filtering:

instance_filters = {
    'units': ''

plain filters

A more conventional filter structure, that allows you to supply a Q object, or a dict of key-value pairs, which will be passed to .filter() on the queryset.

You can quite easily shoot yourself in the foot if your filter keys are not valid arguments for a filter function on that queryset.


You can either create a form using this method, and then pass that to your formset class or factory. Or, you can have a formset class based on filtered_form.forms.FilteredFormSet, which will also set up the queryset values on the empty form correctly, which is very useful if you are using dynamic forms.

Version History


Fix a bug where new objects could not be created in the django admin.


Improve documentation.

Allow for a callable in the value of an instance_filter.

Allow for a dict in the value of a filter.


Initial Release.

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