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An extension of Django ManifestStaticFilesStorage that allows ignoring (excluding) specified files from being versioned, such as images or fonts.

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This extension to allows you to specify a list of file patterns that should be ignored/excluded from being versioned and added to the manifest. You can also specify it the other way around and say which files should be included.

This allows you to add versioned naming to only static files of your choosing. For example, you may want CSS and JS files to be versioned, but not fonts, images or other assets.

I've written and tested this against Django 2.2. Your mileage elsewhere may vary!


Use pip:

pip install django-flexible-manifest-staticfiles


Set in your

STATICFILES_STORAGE = 'django_flexible_manifest_staticfiles.storages.ForgivingManifestStaticFilesStorage'


Set in your you can set two settings:

  • STATICFILES_VERSIONED_INCLUDE - This is a list of patterns you want to be included. Only files that match at least one of these patterns will be included. If you omit this setting, then all files are included by default.
  • STATICFILES_VERSIONED_EXCLUDE - Any file matching any of these patterns will be excluded from being versioned.

Files must match against both rules (e.g. they must be both in the include list and not in the exclude list) in order to be versioned.

Note that the complete path relative to the static directory is available for matching against.


This would only version .css and .js files, but would exclude minified files:

STATICFILES_VERSIONED_EXCLUDE = ['min.css$', 'min.js$']

This would version all files asides from .jpg files:


This would only version things in your /static/scripts:


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