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Simple Django form formating

Project description

# Formit

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**Smiple [Django] form formating.**

Formit provides a template tag library for django to ease the formating of forms.


## Requirements

* [Django] 1.11, 1.10
* [django-classy-tags] for managing template tags.

## Installation

Install using *pip*:

pip install django-formit

Then add `formit` to `INSTALLED_APPS`.

## Usage

To use **Formit** add your templates:

{% load formit_tags %}

{# To render the form pass in the string path or form instance. #}
{% form 'contact.forms.ContactForm' action="/" method="get" button="Send" %}

{# To render the form with custom contents. #}
{% form_block instance %}
<h3>Contact form</h3>
{% fieldset %}
{% endform_block %}

{# To render a custom form without any formating. #}
{% form_block instance blank=True %}
{% csrf_token %}
<h3>Contact form</h3>
<div class="column">
{% fieldset fields=form.visible_fields|slice:":3" %}
<div class="column">
{% fieldset fields=form.visible_fields|slice:"3:" %}
{% fieldset fields=form.hidden_fields %}
{% endform_block %}

{# You can separate the rendering of visible and hidden fields. #}
{% fieldset visible_fields=instance.visible_fields hidden_fields=instance.hidden_fields %}
{# or to automatically extract them from a form. #}
{% fieldset form=instance %}

{# To render a single field #}
{% field instance.visible_fields.0 placeholder="Enter your name" %}

Fieldset tags can also be used without any arguments. In that case ``form`` from the context will be used,
which is automatically available inside the ``form`` or ``form_block`` tag.

## Templates

Templates available to override in ``templates/formit/*``:

* ``form.html``
* ``fieldset.html``
* ``field.html``

You can specify custom templates for each field widget by adding a template with lowercase class name of the widget.
For example ``formit/fields/textinput.html`` will render a `TextInput` widget.


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