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A small toolset that helps you to work with Django's generic relations

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The application provides some syntax sugar for working with Django’s generic relations


Just install the package from PyPI within pip

pip install django-generic-helpers

…or pipenv

pipenv install django-generic-helpers

…or even poetry

poetry add django-generic-helpers

That’s all. No need to add this into INSTALLED_APPS of your project or something like that.


That’s how did you work with generic relations before:

from django.contrib.contenttypes.fields import GenericForeignKey
from django.contrib.contenttypes.models import ContentType
from django.db import models

class Post(models.Model):

class Image(models.Model):
     content_type = models.ForeignKey(ContentType, on_delete=models.CASCADE)
     object_id = models.IntegerField()
     content_object = GenericForeignKey(ct_field='content_type', fk_field='object_id')

# Example of filtering
post = Post.objects.get(pk=1)
images = Image.objects.filter(

Looks verbose a bit, yep? Let’s rewrite this with django-generic-helpers

from django.db import models
from generic_helpers.fields import GenericRelationField

class Post(models.Model):

class Image(models.Model):
     content_object = GenericRelationField()

# Example of filtering
post = Post.objects.get(pk=1)
images = Image.objects.filter(content_object=post)

Personally, I found it much simpler and cleaner.

Features the application provides:

  • Creating an arbitrary number of generic relation fields, both required and optional;

  • Providing custom names for content_type and object_id columns

  • You can define a whitelist (or a black one) of models that could (not) be written into the field

Please, follow up the documentation for details.


A few words if you plan to send a PR:

  • Please, write tests!

  • Follow PEP-0008 codestyle recommendations.

  • When pushing, please wait while Travis CI will finish his useful work and complete the build. And if the build fails, please fix the issues before PR

  • And of course, don’t forget to add yourself into the authors list ;)


The license is MIT.

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