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Use GeoNode client in your django projects

Project description

# geonode-client [![Build Status](]( [![Code Climate](]( [![Test Coverage](](

OL3 - React map viewer for GeoNode

## Installation

Install node and npm. We would encourage you to use [nvm]( a version manager for node.

You need node > 5

Run npm install to install all dependencies.

## Development Server

Run npm start to start the development server. Visit your browser at http://localhost:8080 to see the result.

## Testing

During development run npm run test:watch to run tests on every file change.

Run npm test to run the full test suite with code coverage report.

## Building

Building is done via webpack and the command is npm build The dist folder is where the minified versions of these files are stored.

## Deployment to GH-pages

Automated deployment via travis is enabled for the master branch.

If you want to deploy manually to gh-pages use npm run deploy

### Important The deplyoment uses the index-gh.html please keep this file in sync with index.html and change the path once the repo changes it’s name. The .travis.yml needs to be changed as well.

## Integrating into GeoNode/Django

Add django-geonode-client to your requirements.txt Add geonode-client to your INSTALLED_APPS

### For GeoNode Change the LAYER_PREVIEW_LIBRARY to react

### For Django We added templatetags you can use in your templates

Add {% client_viewer_js %} to include the viewer javasricpt Add {% client_composer_js %} to include the composer javasricpt

The following templates are available: client_map_view_html for the full map view client_map_detail_view_html for a smaller map view (as in the map preview) client_map_new_html create a new map with composer client_layer_map_html smaller map view for the layer preview

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django-geonode-client-1.0.9.tar.gz (6.7 MB view hashes)

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