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Reusable extras for Django (the gravy).

Project description

Gravy is a set of useful extensions to Django that I found myself reusing.


To enable all features of gravy you will need to install the following python packages:

  • django-betterforms => gravy.forms

  • django-widget-tweaks => gravy/templates/gravy/form_snippet.html

  • django-redis => gravy.websocket

  • gevent-websocket => gravy.websocket

  • jsonschema => gravy.forms

  • beautifulsoup4 => gravy.templatetags.gravytags ({% staticonce %} and {% prettyhtml %})

  • python-magic => gravy.utils

  • pillow => gravy.images

  • pytesseract => gravy.images

  • geoip2 => gravy.geo.geoip2

Additional dependencies (aptitude):

  • python-pip

  • redis-server => django-redis

  • libgeoip1 => django (for django.contrib.gis.geoip used by gravy.geo.geoip)

  • libjpeg-dev => pillow

  • libpng12-dev => pillow

  • tesseract-ocr => pytesseract

  • liblzo2-2 => gravy.lzo

  • libmaxminddb0 => geoip2

  • libmaxminddb-dev => geoip2

  • mmdb-bin => geoip2

If you are using geoip or geoip2 then you will also databases from maxmind.


A complete install goes something like this. You’re install might be a bit different (virtualenv etc)

sudo apt-get install python-pip redis-server libgeoip1 libjpeg-dev libpng12-dev tesseract-ocr liblzo2-2 libmaxminddb0 libmaxminddb-dev mmdb-bin sudo pip install django-widget-tweaks django-redis gevent-websocket jsonschema beautifulsoup4 pillow pytesseract geoip2 sudo pip install django-gravy


Many … Until I get time to update this check the source code.

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