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Project description

A Django application for adding Kerberos/GSS authentication to your existing backend

This Django application provides some View and Mixin classes along with a backend Mixin class to extend your existing AuthenticationBackend with SPNEGO-based authentication.

This provides additional flexibility over a Middleware solution that would require all users to use/support SPNEGO all of the time, and just utilize GSSAPI on a specific login page to create a login session as an alternative to typing in a username and password.


  • A working Kerberos KDC (MIT, Windows AD, Heimdall, whatever)

  • A SPN for your application server(s)

  • A method for mapping Kerberos Principals to User objects in your backend


You can install the pre-release development version from PyPi by specifying the exact version to pip:

pip install django-gss-spnego==21.10.1dev

Once an official release is uploaded, you will not have to specify an exact version.


The following settings must be present:

  • django_gss_spnego in settings.INSTALLED_APPS

  • settings.KERBEROS_SPN may be set to SERVICENAME@HOSTNAME ie HTTP@django-server. Setting it to “” means “try all SPNs in the host keytab”

  • Environment variables to control your KRB5 installation. See the kerberos env documentation for details.


Mix django_gss_spnego.backends.SpnegoBackendMixin into your backend class(es) of choice. Ensure those backends can resolve a User object from a kerberos principal name.

from django_auth_ldap.backend import LDAPBackend
from django_gss_spnego.backends import SpnegoBackendMixin

class MyBackendClass(SpnegoBackendMixin, LDAPBackend):
    def get_user_from_username(self, username):
        return self.populate_user(username)

Register aforementioned backend class in settings.AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS

Create a view somewhere on your site that uses SpnegoAuthMixin, and add it to your URL router. If using one of the provided CBV View classes, also include django_gss_spnego and django.contrib.admin in your settings.INSTALLED_APPS for access to the spnego.html template.

from django_gss_spnego.views import SpnegoView

urls.append(r"^auth/spnego$", SpnegoView.as_view(), name="spnego")

Acquire a ticket, and point your favorite supported client at the endpoint

import requests_gssapi
import requests

auth = requests_gssapi.HTTPSPNEGOAuth()
sess = requests.session()
sess.auth = auth



Apache 2.0 – see the LICENSE file for more detail

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