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Reroute outgoing mail (for use in dev/testing/staging environments)

Project description

This app fills a very specific use case: you want to test email delivery in a QA environment and your clients, as admins, want to receive real emails, but you don’t want the QA process to trigger emails to real end users.

With a couple settings, you can ensure only email to specified addresses will go to the original recipients, and all others will go to a catch-all address or domain.


pip install django-hijackemail

Add hijackemail to your INSTALLED_APPS. In your environment’s settings file, set your EMAIL_BACKEND to hijackemail.backends.HijackEmailBackend.

Then configure the settings below as necessary.



A string represented the dotted path to the actual email backend used to send messages. Default is django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend.


A function which takes an email address, and returns a transformed version of it.

The default transformation converts to


Instead of transforming the original email, just send all email to this address. Default is None.


Use the default transformation with this catchall domain. Default is “local”.


A list of email addresses that should not be hijacked. Default is empty list.

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