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django-hoptoad is some simple Middleware for letting Django-driven websites report their errors to Hoptoad.

Project description

django-hoptoad is some simple Middleware for letting [Django][]-driven websites report their errors to [Hoptoad][]. Now [ponies][] can ride the toad too.

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django-hoptoad requires:

  • [Python][] 2.5+ (preferably 2.6+ as that’s what I’ve tested it with)

  • [PyYAML][] (pip install pyyaml or easy_install pyyaml)

  • [Django][] 1.0+

  • A [Hoptoad][] account

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Grab the the django-hoptoad code by cloning the [Mercurial][] repository (or just [download the latest version][tip-dl] and unzip it somewhere):

hg clone

There’s a git mirror too if you really want it.

git clone git://

Once you download it, you can install it in the usual manner:

cd django-hoptoad python install

If you’d prefer to be able to update at any time by pulling down changes with Mercurial or git, you can symlink the module into your site-packages directory instead of using python install:

ln -s /full/path/to/django-hoptoad/hoptoad /full/path/to/site-packages/

To make sure it works you can run:

python -c ‘import hoptoad’

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To set up a Django project to notify Hoptoad of its errors, you need to do two things in its file.

First, add the HoptoadNotifierMiddleware as the last item in the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting:

MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = ( # … other middleware classes … ‘hoptoad.middleware.HoptoadNotifierMiddleware’, )

Next, you’ll need to add a HOPTOAD_API_KEY setting. You can get the key from the Hoptoad project page.

HOPTOAD_API_KEY = ‘Your Hoptoad API key.’


The documentation for django-hoptoad is at the [project page][project]. There’s a [Quick Start guide][quickstart], [Configuration guide][config], [Troubleshooting guide][troubleshooting], and a few other things there.

The documentation is stored in the docs/ directory of the repository if you prefer to read it offline.

[project]: [quickstart]: [config]: [troubleshooting]:


This Middleware is a work in progress. If you have a suggestion or find a bug please [add an issue][issues] and let me know.


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