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Actions for Django inline admin

Project description

Easy-to-use actions for Django admin inlines


  1. Install django_inlines_actions

    pip install django_inlines_actions
  2. Add inlines_actions to your INSTALLED_APPS.

  3. Add the InlineActionsModelAdminMixin to your ModelAdmin.

  4. Add the InlineActionsMixin to your TabularInline.

  5. Add inline_actions attribute to your TabularInline as a tuple of your actions.

    inline_actions = ('your_action_name', 'another_action_name',)
  6. Every action must have following signature:

    def your_action_name(self, request, obj, parent_obj):


Action is basically a link to another url with corresponding view. It does not depends on form as some other solutions and not execute on Enter hit. Action should return None to return to the current changeform or a HttpResponse instance. If you want do disable Actions column set inline_actions to None.

inline_actions = ('change_title',)

def change_title(self, request, obj, parent_obj):
    obj.title  = obj.title + ' | ' +



Permissions are instance of list/tuple classes and can be either custom function or django built-in permission.

def your_action_name(self, request, obj, parent_obj):
your_action_name.permissions = ('permission_func_name', 'django_builtin_permission_name',)

permissions function must have following signature:

def permission_func_name(self, request, obj, parent_obj):

Must return False to fail permission check otherwise permission will be passed.

If permissions returns False action will no be rendered for user and action will raise PermissionDenied on execution.

Short Description

Short Description are either custom function or simple string.

def your_action_name(self, request, obj, parent_obj):
your_action_name.short_description = 'My Uniq Description'
your_action_name.short_description = 'short_description_func_name'

short_description function must have following signature:

def short_description_func_name(self, request, obj, parent_obj):

Css Class

Css Class are either custom function or simple string.

def your_action_name(self, request, obj, parent_obj):
your_action_name.css_class = 'my-css-class-name'
your_action_name.css_class = 'css_class_func_name'

css_class function must have following signature:

def css_class_func_name(self, request, obj, parent_obj):


from django.contrib import admin
from inlines_actions import InlineActionsModelAdminMixin, InlineActionsMixin

from .models import Article1, Author1

class ArticleInline(
    model = Article1
    inline_actions = ('make_published',)

    def make_published(self, request, obj, parent_obj):
        obj.is_published = not obj.is_published

    def make_published_permission(self, request, obj, parent_obj):
        if not request.user.is_superuser:
            return False

    def make_published_short_description(self, request, obj, parent_obj):
        return 'Published Make'

    def make_published_css_class(self, request, obj, parent_obj):
        return 'some_class'

    make_published.permissions = ('make_published_permission', 'example_app:can_change_article')
    make_published.short_description = make_published_short_description
    make_published.css_class = make_published_css_class

class AuthorAdmin(
    inlines = (ArticleInline,), AuthorAdmin)


pip install requirements.txt

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