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Integration of django-inplaceedit and bootstrap

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Integration of django-inplaceedit with bootstrap 3

It is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

This egg would not have been possible without the help of Tyrdall


Demo (this video use a very old version of django-inplaceedit and django-inplaceedit-extra-fields)

Video Demo, of django-inplaceedit, django-inplaceedit-extra-fields and django-inlinetrans (Set full screen mode to view it correctly)

Attention: This demo is not a demo of this package, in this video there are not any inegration with bootstrap. Please to see a demo use the testing django project.


After installing django-inplaceedit egg (1.4.1)

After installing django-inplaceedit-extra-fields egg (0.6.1, this is optional but recommended)

And after installing django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker egg (2.2.3, this is optional but recommended)

In your

    'inplaceeditform_bootstrap',  # it is very important that this app is before that inplaceeditform and inplaceeditform_extra_fields
    'inplaceeditform_extra_fields',  # this is optional but recommended
    'bootstrap3_datetime', # this is optional but recommended

# Optional, but recommended

if 'inplaceeditform_extra_fields' in INSTALLED_APPS:
    ADAPTOR_INPLACEEDIT['tiny'] = 'inplaceeditform_extra_fields.fields.AdaptorTinyMCEField'
    # You can add the other adaptors of inplaceeditform_extra_fields
if 'bootstrap3_datetime' in INSTALLED_APPS:
    ADAPTOR_INPLACEEDIT['date'] = 'inplaceeditform_bootstrap.fields.AdaptorDateBootStrapField'
    ADAPTOR_INPLACEEDIT['datetime'] = 'inplaceeditform_bootstrap.fields.AdaptorDateTimeBootStrapField'

INPLACEEDIT_EDIT_TOOLTIP_TEXT = 'Please doubleclick to edit'

If you want, you can register these fields in your settings with different keys:


if 'bootstrap3_datetime' in INSTALLED_APPS:
    ADAPTOR_INPLACEEDIT['date_bootstrap'] = 'inplaceeditform_bootstrap.fields.AdaptorDateBootStrapField'
    ADAPTOR_INPLACEEDIT['datetime_bootstrap'] = 'inplaceeditform_bootstrap.fields.AdaptorDateTimeBootStrapField'

And after that, to want use a specific adaptor you can pass it to the templatetag, e.g.:

{% inplace_edit "content.field_name" adaptor="date_bootstrap" %}
{% inplace_edit "content.field_name" adaptor="datetime_bootstrap" %}

Why this code is not in django-inplaceedit?

  • This code depends on the bootstrap
  • This is a specific solution


Exists a testing django project. This project can use as demo project.

This project overwrites the default options of django-inplaceedit and a default option of django-inplaceedit-bootstrap

INPLACEEDIT_EDIT_TOOLTIP_TEXT = 'Click to edit'  # This option is of django-inplaceedit-bootstrap


You can get the bleeding edge version of django-inplaceedit-bootstrap by doing a clone of its git repository:

git clone


0.2.0 (2015-08-30)

  • Add Tooltip on Mouseover
  • Add form-class to the fields
  • Improvements in the testing project
  • Support to Django 1.7 and Django 1.8
  • Support to the last versions of the django-bootstrap3-datetimepicker
  • Upgrate bootstrap version

0.1.1 (2013-09-17)

  • Improvements in the testing project

0.1.0 (2013-09-17)

  • Improvements in the README file

0.0.3 (2013-09-16)

  • Add the AdaptorDateBootStrapField and AdaptorDateTimeBootStrapField
  • Customize the inplaceedit toolbar
  • Customize the file adaptor
  • Improvements in the fixtures of the testing project

0.0.2 (2013-09-10)

  • Set the variable INPLACEEDIT_EVENT in the settings to “click”
  • Fix typo errors in the README

0.0.1 (2013-09-06)

  • Initial version

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