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Provide an endpoint to receive logs and push them to a configurable django logger

Project description

> Provide an endpoint to receive logs and push them to a configurable django logger



  1. Install the package:

    pip install django-logging-endpoint
  2. Install the application by adding it to the INSTALLED_APPS setting:

    INSTALLED_APPS += ('logging_endpoint',)
  3. Set the logger name, if you want to send the messages to a specific one:

    LOGGING_ENDPOINT_LOGGER = 'LoggingEndpoint'
  4. Set the log message handler function, if you want to customize the parsing of your log messages:

    LOGGING_ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_HANDLER = 'logging_endpoint.message_handler.default_handler'
  5. Add the url to your

    from django.conf.urls import include
    urlpatterns += url(r'^logs', include('logging_endpoint.urls'))



The root endpoint of django-logging-endpoint receives a json message with the logs to be sent to the configured logger:

    'message':   'my log message',
    'logger':    'user interaction',
    'loglevel':  'error',
    'timestamp': '2020-01-01T12:00Z'

By default, a list of logs can be received and will be expanded to the Django logger. See the documentation’s settings chapter for more information on that.



This project uses a Makefile for various tasks. Some of the available tasks are listed below.

  • make clean - Clean build artifacts out of your project

  • make test - Run Tests

  • make plain-test - Run Tests without rebuilding the project

  • make sdist - Build a Python source distribution

  • make docs - Build the Sphinx documentation

  • make lint - Get a codestyle report about your code

  • make plain-lint - Get a codestyle report without rebuilding the project

  • make - Equivalent to make test lint docs sdist

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