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Django Mailformer

Project description

Django Mailformer

Application setup
Assuming you have added this application in your projects requirements.txt, you
can start using it by following these steps:

First start with installing:

.. code:: console

pip install git+ssh://

1) Add `mailformer` to your applications in the settings file.
2) In your add to your url patterns:

.. code:: console

urlpatterns = [
# all the other values
url(r'^email/', include('mailformer.urls')),

The actual url these are added to is up to you. Do not define a namespace in
the include as this will prevent the internals of finding the URLs used for
the form and submission success page. It is however possible to manipulate
this if so required, however you will need to directly add the form and
submission page and override the constants.URL_NAME values.

3) In your template add `{% load mailformer %}`
4) Wherever you would display the email replace it with:

.. code:: console

<a href="{% get_url_by_email email_address %}">
contact form

Where `email_address` is the email_address you want to mail to.
You can also add other keys so that the form get prefilled values.

These keys are: [name, phone_number, subject, message]

The field `identifier` is hidden but required.

5) You should define your own forms by creating a submit form named
`mailformer/mailformer-form.html` and a success form named

Development setup

It's recommended you use `virtualenvwrapper <>`_
and `The Developer Society Dev Tools <>`_.

Presuming you are using those tools, getting started on this project is pretty straightforward:

.. code:: console

$ dev-clone example_instance
$ make reset

You can now run the development server:

.. code:: console

$ python runserver


0.0.0 (2017-06-14)

* Initial commit

0.0.0b (2017-06-22)

* Refactor to new layout

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