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Stores and sends canned email responses.

Project description

Stores and sends canned email responses.

Ever had to change the signature or add a recipient to N hardcoded emails spread all throughout your code? Hardcode no more! Use mailrobot instead.

Depends on Django, with a version between 1.11 and 2.2, inclusive.


  1. Install the library, for instance with pip:

    pip install django-mailrobot
  2. Add the library to your INSTALLED_APPS of an exiting project:

    INSTALLED_APPS += ['mailrobot']
  3. Add the tables to the existing project.

    $ ./ migrate


Copy the entire django-mailrobot directory somewhere, set up and enter a virtualenv, then provided you are on some Un*x:

make demo

This’ll create a demo-user “demo” with the password “demo”.

The demo should now be running on


To run the tests, first install the testing-requirements:

pip install -r requirements/test.txt

then run the tests with:

make test APP=mailrobot


Install the dev-requirements with:

pip install -r requirements/test.txt

This’ll give you ipython for a prettier shell-experience, but more importantly it’ll install pre-commit. Pre-commit will check for syntax errors and merge conflicts, and fix trailing whitespaces and mixed line-endings for you.


Add mails and addresses through the django admin.

In code

Fetch a mail-template:

template = Mail.objects.get(name='hello-world').

Fill it:

mail = template.make_message(
    sender='Yep <'>,
    recipients=('', u'Blåbærsyltetøy <>'),
    context={'world': 'Mailrobot'}

Have a look:

print mail.message

Send it:



In case you need to send an email somewhere else for testing/debugging, clone an existing email in the admin:

  1. Select it

  2. Choose “Clone selected mails” in the action list

  3. Hit “Go”

The clone will share everything with its original except the name, which will be suffixed with a timestamp.

Edit the name of the clone to what you need, change recipients, CCs, BCCs. Then, where you send the mail from, choose the clone if settings.DEBUG is True.



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