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Utility adding WordPress-like shortcodes for Markdown authoring in Django.

Project description

# Markdown Shortcodes for Django

Provides the ability to use WordPress-like "shortcodes" in your content, which get rendered as HTML.

The idea here is to extend Markdown authoring capabilities. For example, rendering a more complex component in the flow of a content body that shows featured content - or as simple as rendering a full-width Vimeo video.

This package does not come with a host of shortcodes defined, given these will be highly project-specific.

Instead, it provides a registration system (via a tiny decorator), the shortcode processor, and a template filter for convenience.

## Installation

Install via pip:

pip install django-markdown-shortcodes

Please add `markdown_shortcodes` to `INSTALLED_APPS` in your Django project's settings.

## Defining Shortcodes

Shortcode functions names expected to start with `shortcode_` followed by the string/name that appears in your content.

The following example creates support for a `[[youtube]]` shortcode.

Define the processing function, using the `shortcode` decorator to register the function for processing:

from markdown_shortcodes import shortcode

def shortcode_youtube(*args):
return render_to_string("shortcodes/youtube.html", {
'id': args[0],
'title': args[1] if len(args) > 1 else '',
'alternate_uri': args[2] if len(args) > 2 else '',

Create a template file:

<div class="shortcode-block">
<div class="fluid-iframe -ratio-16-9">
<iframe src="//{{ id }}"
title="{{ title }}"
This video requires an frame-capable browser.
{% if alternate_uri %}
<a href="{{ alternate_uri }}">See alternative content for {{ title }}</a>
{% else %}
<a href="{{ id }}">Watch {{ title }} on YouTube</a>
{% endif %}

Your content:

So did you know about Whoa McTuggins? I saw an interview with him about preparing tomatos. It changed my life:

[[youtube XTJIGGBN8l4 "A thrilling exploration of tomato dicing"]]

Now I prepare pico de gallo almost weekly!

And in your content's template, something like this (`expand_shortcodes` is a provided by this package):

{% load shortcodes %}

<div class="Post-BodyText -u-awesome">
{{ post.body|expand_shortcodes|safe|your_markdown_filter }}


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