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Creates a pg_dumpish output which masks data without saving changes to the source database.

Project description

Django Mask Postgres Data

Adds a management command to your Django project which allows you to create a (sort of) pg_dump of your data with sensitive data masked.


Install with pip:

pip install django-maskpostgresdata

And add maskpostgresdata to your INSTALLED_APPS:



By default, django-maskpostgresdata will replace the password column for each row in the Django User model with "password". Just run dump_masked_data and you'll get a pg_dump with the password field changed to "password" for all users.

There are 2 ways to customise the behaviour of django-maskpostgresdata.

To override individual fields of a model with a given value, add a dictionary called MASKER_FIELDS to your settings using the following format:

    "{ APP_NAME }": {"{ MODEL_NAME }": {"{ FIELD_NAME }": { VALUE },}},

Alternatively, you can define exactly how the data is updated by subclassing BasePostgresDataMaskingCommand in a management command of your own. For example:

from django.contrib.auth.hashers import make_password

from maskpostgresdata import BasePostgresDataMaskingCommand

class Command(BasePostgresDataMaskingCommand):

    def update_auth_user(self, queryset):

Just create a method called update_{ db_table_name } taking a queryset as the parameter. You can then perform update operations on this queryset. { db_table_name } is of the format {app_label}_{model_name} by default, but could technically be different.

You can then run dump_masked_data and it will dump your data to stdout.

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