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Django widgets styled with Material Components for the Web.

Project description

Easily convert your Django Forms and ModelForms to use widgets styled with Material Components for the Web.

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Quick Start

  1. Install Django Material Widgets:

    pip install django-material-widgets
  2. Add material_widgets to INSTALLED_APPS in your

  3. Edit your

    • Import material_widgets.widgets.MaterialForm and/or material_widgets.widgets.MaterialModelForm:

      from material_widgets import MaterialForm, MaterialModelForm
    • Change forms using django.forms.Form and/or django.forms.ModelForm to MaterialForm or MaterialModelForm respectively:

      class MyForm(forms.Form): ⇨ class MyForm(MaterialForm):
      class MyModelForm(forms.ModelForm): ⇨ class MyModelForm(MaterialModelForm):
  4. Edit your HTML templates:

    • Change {{ form }} template variables to {{ form.as_components }}:

      {{ form.as_p }} ⇨ {{ form.as_components }}
    • Add {{ }} to your <head> tag:

          {{ }}
    • Add the mdc-typography CSS class to your <body> tag:

      <body class="mdc-typography">
    • Add {{ }} to the bottom of your <body> tag:

      <body class="mdc-typography">
          {{ }}
    • (Optional) Add stylesheet links:

          <link rel="stylesheet" href=",400,500">
          <link rel="stylesheet" href="">


To view the demo locally at http://localhost:8000:

git clone
cd django_material_widgets/src
python migrate --settings=demo.settings
python runserver --settings=demo.settings


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