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A Django app that provides widgets for media files

Project description

django-media-tools is an app that provides useful widgets for managing media files in django admin. It doesn’t use any javascript library.

Works with Django 1.10 and newer versions.


  1. Install using pip:

    pip install django-media-tools
  2. Add media_tools to the INSTALLED_APPS:

  3. Run collectstatic command. It will copy the static files used by media_tools to your static root.:

    python collectstatic


PreviewImageWidget is a fairly simple widget that you can use for previewing an ImageField. The image-box is located at left of the Browse button as you can see below. If you click the image-box you will notice that the image will be open in a modal-box with a bigger size.

image-box: preview of the image

modal-box: it pops up when you click on the image-box

Settings for PreviewImageWidget

Add DJANGO_MEDIA_TOOLS_CONFIG to your file if you want to set defaults for PreviewImageWidget.

    # max sizes of preview image-box
    'preview_max_height': '150px',
    'preview_max_width': '150px',

    # max size of preview modal-box (the box that is opened when clicked on image)
    'preview_modal_max_height': '90%',
    'preview_modal_max_width': '90%',

    # Hides 'currently' label on admin
    'hide_currently': False,

    # Shows the image url at the bottom of the modal if set to True
    'show_caption': True

How to use PreviewImageWidget


class Product(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(_('name'), max_length=50)
    photo = models.ImageField(_('Photo'), upload_to='testing/product', blank=True)
    banner = models.ImageField(_('Banner'), upload_to='testing/product', blank=True)


from media_tools.widgets import ImagePreviewWidget
from .models import Product

class ProductForm(forms.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        model = Product
        fields = '__all__'
        widgets = {
            'photo': ImagePreviewWidget(preview_max_height='80px', preview_modal_max_height='600px', hide_currently=True, ),
            'banner': ImagePreviewWidget(preview_max_width='150px', preview_modal_max_width='50%', show_caption=False),

As you can see you can override the default settings by giving them as kwargs.

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