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Use MJML in Django templates

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Django + MJML


The simplest way to use MJML in Django templates.



  • Django from 2.2 to 5.0

  • requests from 2.24.0 (only if you are going to use API HTTP-server for rendering)

  • mjml from 3.6.3 to 4.14.1

1. Install mjml.

Follow and to get more info.

2. Install django-mjml.

$ pip install django-mjml

If you want to use API HTTP-server you also need requests (at least version 2.24):

$ pip install django-mjml[requests]

To install development version use git+ instead django-mjml.

3. Set up in your django project.



Load mjml in your django template and use mjml tag that will compile MJML to HTML:

{% load mjml %}

{% mjml %}
                    <mj-text>Hello world!</mj-text>
{% endmjml %}

Advanced settings

There are three backend modes for compiling: cmd, tcpserver and httpserver.

cmd mode

This mode is very simple, slow and used by default.

Configure your Django:

MJML_EXEC_CMD = 'mjml'

You can change MJML_EXEC_CMD and set path to executable mjml file, for example:

MJML_EXEC_CMD = '/home/user/node_modules/.bin/mjml'

Also you can pass addition cmd arguments, for example:

MJML_EXEC_CMD = ['node_modules/.bin/mjml', '--config.minify', 'true', '--config.validationLevel', 'strict']

Once you have a working installation, you can skip the sanity check on startup to speed things up:


tcpserver mode

This mode is faster than cmd but it needs the MJML TCP-Server.

Configure your Django:

MJML_BACKEND_MODE = 'tcpserver'
    ('', 28101),  # the host and port of MJML TCP-Server

You can set several servers and a random one will be used:

    ('', 28101),
    ('', 28102),
    ('', 28103),

httpserver mode

don’t forget to install requests to use this mode.

This mode is faster than cmd and a bit slower than tcpserver, but you can use official MJML API or run your own HTTP-server (for example to render templates.

Configure your Django:

MJML_BACKEND_MODE = 'httpserver'
        'URL': '',  # official MJML API
        'HTTP_AUTH': ('<Application ID>', '<Secret Key>'),
        'URL': '',  # your own HTTP-server

You can set one or more servers and a random one will be used.

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