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Save model history

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Register fields updates.

WARNING This project currently relies on Django signals (by default post_save, pre_delete, and m2m_changed), so if you do some bulk action (ie via queryset.update()), any action will not be recorded!


Install package with

pip install django-model-history-log


Add model_history.apps.ModelHistoryConfig into your INSTALLED_APPS


and then run

./ migrate

Register a model at startup

You can register a model for logging at startup using History.register helper:

class MyAppConfig(AppConfig):
    name = "myapp"

    def ready(self):
        from model_history.models import History
        from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model

        History.register(get_user_model(), exclude=["password"])

You can register all models with a snippet like this

class MyAppConfig(AppConfig):
    default_auto_field = "django.db.models.BigAutoField"
    name = "myapp"
    verbose_name = _("My Website")

    def ready(self):
        from django.contrib.admin.models import LogEntry
        from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model
        from django.contrib.sessions.models import Session
        from model_history.models import History, HistoryLog

        User = get_user_model()
        History.register(User, exclude=["password"])
        for model in apps.get_models():
            if model not in [LogEntry, History, HistoryLog, Session, User]:


Log a single instance

You can log a single instance changes with the HistoryManager.log() method:

instance = MyInstance.objects.get(...)
  • instance: models.Model = instance to log
  • exclude: list[str] | None = exclude these fields from logging
  • serializer_class: rest_framework.serializers.Serializer | None = use this serializer instance

Query a log

    from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model

    history = History.objects.fetch(User.objects.first())

fetch() always returns an History instance, regardless it is saved on db or not. You must rely on it's pk value or you should check for logs.



  • Docs update


  • Rename project to django-model-history-log (sorry, no migration path)
  • Reformat all codebase with black
  • Update isort/flake8 config
  • Use django JSONField
  • Remove default ordering, use only in admin
  • Add register/unregister actions
  • Add HistoryQuerySet.fetch api
  • Save str(source) as {History,HistoryLog}.label
  • Add en translations
  • Add it translations


  • added missing on_delete on HistoryRow.history field


  • initial relase

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