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Wrapper around modeltranslation package, adding nice features.

Project description


modeltranslation-0.5 has incorporated all features from this app (moreover, intelligent manager has been improved), so instead of using this app, please update your modeltranslation version. However, this app is still provided for those who (for some dark reason) wish to stay with older MT releases.

This package is a bunch of patches for django-modeltranslation (,, which can enhance usage of this nice app and target some annoying aspects.

Two features were added:

  • autodiscover of files within apps

    modeltranslation-0.4 already has this feature (ported from this app :P), so it is no more needed here and is only left for use with older versions of modeltranslation. Thus, the autodiscover is deactivated if the 0.4 version of modeltranslation is detected.

  • intelligent manager: filtering, ordering, creating and so on takes current language into consideration

    (This feature was mainly ported from django-linguo (,, another good app. However, modeltranslation idea of translation fields registration is better than linguo model code edition - especially with 3rd-party apps)

Later, modeltranslation will be referred as MT, and django-modeltranslation-wrapper as Wrapper.



This app changes the way that the translation files are sought for. In MT, you have just one file per project. Wrapper makes it more like in the admin: every application in INSTALLED_APPS is examined and its is imported (if present).

Moreover, if you still want to include some non-app translations (e.g. translation for 3rd-party apps), there is new setting introduced: MODELTRANSLATION_TRANSLATION_FILES. It should contain list of additional modules (containing translations) to import.

So, when using Wrapper, the MODELTRANSLATION_TRANSLATION_REGISTRY setting is unnecessary.

For backward compatibility with MT, when MODELTRANSLATION_TRANSLATION_REGISTRY is present, it is treated as if it was listed in MODELTRANSLATION_TRANSLATION_FILES. So no changes are required in existing projects using MT.

Intelligent manager

Wrapper changes managers in translatable models so that they are aware of active language in their operations. That means, unsuffixed attributes parameters are rewritten to the suffixed versions.

These statements give the same results, assuming current active language is pl:


X.objects.filter(foo_pl='bar')  # Still the same result

If the translatable model has own custom manager, intelligent manager will be gently added, retaining old functions.

The X.objects.create() is special case, however. For backward compatibility it works as in MT by default. But you can pass parameter _populate=True to populate suffixed fields with values from unsuffixed ones.

Example will clarify it:

x = X.objects.create(foo='bar', _populate=True)

is equivalent of:

x = X.objects.create(foo_en='bar', foo_pl='bar', ... , foo_zu='bar')


x = X.objects.create(foo='bar')
x.foo_en = 'bar'
x.foo_pl = 'bar'
x.foo_zu = 'bar'

Moreover, some field can be explicitly assigned different value:

x = X.objects.create(foo='-- no translation yet --', foo_pl='nic', _populate=True)

It will result in foo_pl == 'nic' and other foo_?? == '-- no translation yet --'.

There is more convenient way than passing _populate all the time: MODELTRANSLATION_AUTO_POPULATE setting. If _populate parameter is missing, create() will look at the setting to determine if population should be used.

This useful feature is disabled by default for backward compatibility with MT tests. However, if your code doesn’t heavily rely on the fact that create() set None on suffixed fields, it is advised to set MODELTRANSLATION_AUTO_POPULATE = True.

New settings


Default: ()

List of additional translation modules to import.


Default: False

This setting control if X.objects.create() function should populate language fields values.


  1. Install app:

    $ pip install django-modeltranslation-wrapper

    or download it manually and put in python path.

  2. Add modeltranslation_wrapper to INSTALLED_APPS before plain modeltranslation:

  3. Optionally, specify MODELTRANSLATION_TRANSLATION_FILES in settings:


    These modules will be imported in addition to autodiscovered ones.

  4. If you are using MT in version 0.4 or newer, unfortunatelly you must also add 'modeltranslation_wrapper.patch' as last entry in MODELTRANSLATION_TRANSLATION_FILES to enable inteligent manager:


    This is caused by change in the way MT 0.4 loads translations.

  5. Optionally, specify MODELTRANSLATION_AUTO_POPULATE (see above):



1.2.2 (04/03/2012)
Repacked distribution to remove obsolete modeltranslations package, which was previously added by accident.
1.2.1 (23/09/2012)
  • Refactor code to work with modeltranslation-0.4
  • Update MultilingualManager to rewrite Q nad F queries
1.1 (04/09/2012)
Added testrunner
1.0 (24/06/2012)
Initial code

Jacek Tomaszewski

Zach Mathew (of django-linguo)

For details see AUTHORS file.

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