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Django port of Marshall Yount's rack-modernizr (

Project description

Modernizr is a javascript utility that interrogates a user’s web browser to determine its capabilities. Unfortunately, all this delicious data is only available client-side.

django-modernizr is a Django Middleware that includes the Modernizr javascript and stuffs Modernizr’s output into a cookie or session on the first page request.


  1. Add the modernizr directory to your Python path.

  2. Add the following middleware to your project’s file:


    The order of MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES is important: the Modernizr Middleware middleware must come after any other middleware that encodes the response’s content (such as GZipMiddleware).

    Note: The modernizr code will only display itself if the mimetype of the response is either text/html or application/xhtml+xml and contains a closing </body> tag.

    Note: Be aware of middleware ordering and other middleware that may intercept requests and return responses. Putting the modernizr middleware after the Flatpage middleware, for example, means modernizr will not show up on flatpages.

  3. Add modernizr to your INSTALLED_APPS setting so Django can find the template files associated with the modernizr.

    Alternatively, add the path to the modernizr templates ('path/to/modernizr/templates' to your TEMPLATE_DIRS setting.)


Django Modernizr has a few settings that can be set in (all are optional):

  1. MODERNIZR_STORAGE: set to ‘cookie’ or ‘session’

  2. Cookie settings (parity to django.contrib.sessions cookie settings):

    • MODERNIZR_COOKIE_NAME: Name of the cookie. Default is ‘modernizr’.

    • MODERNIZR_COOKIE_AGE: Expire time of the cookie. Default is 2 weeks.

    • MODERNIZR_COOKIE_DOMAIN: Domain name the cookie is issued on. Default is None.

    • MODERNIZR_COOKIE_SECURE: Whether or not to serve the cookie securely. Default is False.

    • MODERNIZR_COOKIE_PATH: Path the cookie is issued on. Default is ‘/’.

  3. Session settings:

    • MODERNIZR_SESSION_KEY: Session key to use for storage. Default is ‘modernizr’.

  4. Modernizr rendering options:

    • MODERNIZR_JS_URL: URL to modernizr.js. Default is .

    • MODERNIZR_SENTINEL_IMAGE_URL: URL of sentinel image which includes Modernizr data. Default is ‘/django-modernizr-endpoint.gif’.

    • MODERNIZR_INCLUDE_TAG: A closing tag of this type will be located, and the Modernizr template will be rendered and inserted just before it. Default is ‘body’.


Django Modernizr is a port of Marshall Yount’s rack-modernizr.

Portions of code and documentation style were taken from Rob Hudson’s django-debug-toolbar.

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