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Simple, re-usable, stateless Django app for visualizing and browsing statistics, mainly based on your existing Django models.

Project description

Please note: Django MStats is in early development and the API is very likely to change.

MStats is a super simple, re-usable, stateless Django app for visualizing and browsing statistics, mainly based on existing Django models.

My motivation for creating MStats is to have a dead simple way, with as little effort as possible, to get visualization of key metrics in different Django projects.

The goal of Django MStats is not to be the ultimate metrics/statistics solution™. It will not support different backends for different Metrics services and databases. MStats makes all queries in real-time, and does not store any permanent data itself, even though Django’s cache might be used.

In other words, Django MStats is a reusable app for those who want to get basic statistics browsing with minimum effort. Since MStats is stateless, it can easily be tested out, and thrown away in favor of something more advanced, if a project grow out of it.

What does M in Mstats stand for?

Model or Mini. Whichever you like best.


Currently MStats depends on PostgreSQL, because it uses a Postgres specific SQL functions for retrieving stats.


  1. Install from PyPI:

    pip install django-mstats
  2. Add django_mstats to INSTALLED_APPS

  3. Add URL route to your

    url(r"^mstats/", include("django_mstats.urls")),
  4. Create file(s) in your Django apps (see below).

Defining different metrics

Once you have added django_mstats to your INSTALLED_APPS, you can create files within your Django apps. In those files you should create classes that inherits from ModelStats. Below are some examples.

Statistics for newly registered users:

from django_mstats.models import ModelStats
from django.contrib.auth.models import User

class NewUsers(ModelStats):
    model = User
    datetime_field = "date_joined"

Specifying a name:

class NewUsers(ModelStats):
    model = User
    datetime_field = "date_joined"
    name = "User registrations"


Django-MStats is developed by Jonatan Heyman.


BSD License

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