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Extensions to Django for use with MySQL/MariaDB

Project description
The dolphin-pony - proof that cute + cute = double cute.
The dolphin-pony - proof that cute + cute = double cute.

Django-MySQL is a non-inventively named package that helps you use some MySQL/MariaDB-specific features in the world of Django.

What kind of features?


  • QuerySet extensions - ‘smart’ iteration, approx_count for quick estimates of count(), quick pt-visual-explain of the underlying query
  • Model fields for storing lists and sets in comma-separated strings, with the ability to query them
  • ORM expressions for MySQL-specific functions
  • A new cache backend that makes use of MySQL’s upserts and does compression
  • Handler API for quicker-than-SQL reads using the ‘NoSQL’ HANDLER commands
  • Status variable inspection and utility methods
  • Named locks for easy locking of e.g. external resources

To see them all, check out the exposition at .


Tested with all combinations of:

  • Python: 2.7, 3.4
  • Django: 1.7, 1.8, master
  • MySQL: 5.5, 5.6 / MariaDB: 5.5, 10.0, 10.1
  • mysqlclient: 1.3.6 (Python 3 compatible version of MySQL-python)

Any combination of these should be good, and also MySQL-python should work since it’s just an older version of mysqlclient.


0.2.2 (unreleased)

  • Pending release

0.2.1 (2015-06-22)

  • Added Regexp database functions for MariaDB - RegexpInstr, RegexpReplace, and RegexpSubstr
  • Added the option to not limit the size of a MySQLCache by setting MAX_ENTRIES = -1.
  • MySQLCache performance improvements in get, get_many, and has_key
  • Added query-rewriting layer added which allows the use of MySQL query hints such as STRAIGHT_JOIN via QuerySet methods, as well as adding label comments to track where queries are generated.
  • Added TableLock context manager

0.2.0 (2015-05-14)

  • More database functions added - Field and its complement ELT, and LastInsertId
  • Case sensitive string lookup added as to the ORM for CharField and TextField
  • Migration operations added - InstallPlugin, InstallSOName, and AlterStorageEngine
  • Extra ORM aggregates added - BitAnd, BitOr, and BitXor
  • MySQLCache is now case-sensitive. If you are already using it, an upgrade ALTER TABLE and migration is provided at the end of the cache docs.
  • (MariaDB only) The Lock class gained a class method held_with_prefix to query held locks matching a given prefix
  • SmartIterator bugfix for chunks with 0 objects slowing iteration; they such chunks most often occur on tables with primary key “holes”
  • Now tested against Django master for cutting edge users and forwards compatibility

0.1.10 (2015-04-30)

  • Added the MySQLCache backend for use with Django’s caching framework, a more efficient version of DatabaseCache
  • Fix a ZeroDivision error in WeightedAverageRate, which is used in smart iteration

0.1.9 (2015-04-20)

  • pt_visual_explain no longer executes the given query before fetching its EXPLAIN
  • New pt_fingerprint function that wraps the pt-fingerprint tool efficiently
  • For List fields, the new ListF class allows you to do atomic append or pop operations from either end of the list in a single query
  • For Set fields, the new SetF class allows you to do atomic add or remove operatiosn from the set in a single query
  • The @override_mysql_variables decorator has been introduced which makes testing code with different MySQL configurations easy
  • The is_mariadb property gets added onto Django’s MySQL connection class automatically
  • A race condition in determining the minimum and maximum primary key values for smart iteration was fixed.

0.1.8 (2015-03-31)

  • Add Set and List fields which can store comma-separated sets and lists of a base field with MySQL-specific lookups
  • Support MySQL’s GROUP_CONCAT as an aggregate!
  • Add a functions module with many MySQL-specific functions for the new Django 1.8 database functions feature
  • Allow access of the global and session status for the default connection from a lazy singleton, similar to Django’s connection object
  • Fix a different recursion error on count_tries_approx

0.1.7 (2015-03-25)

  • Renamed connection_name argument to using on Lock, GlobalStatus, and SessionStatus classes, for more consistency with Django.
  • Fix recursion error on QuerySetMixin when using count_tries_approx

0.1.6 (2015-03-21)

  • Added support for HANDLER statements as a QuerySet extension
  • Now tested on Django 1.8
  • Add pk_range argument for ‘smart iteration’ code

0.1.5 (2015-03-11)

  • Added command dbparams for outputting database paramters in formats useful for shell scripts

0.1.4 (2015-03-10)

  • Fix release process

0.1.3 (2015-03-08)

  • Added pt_visual_explain integration on QuerySet
  • Added soundex-based field lookups for the ORM

0.1.2 (2015-03-01)

  • Added get_many to GlobalStatus
  • Added wait_until_load_low to GlobalStatus which allows you to wait for any high load on your database server to dissipate.
  • Added smart iteration classes and methods for QuerySets that allow efficient iteration over very large sets of objects slice-by-slice.

0.1.1 (2015-02-23)

  • Added Model and QuerySet subclasses which add the approx_count method

0.1.0 (2015-02-12)

  • First release on PyPI
  • Locks
  • GlobalStatus and SessionStatus

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