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Recursive nesting of inline forms for Django Admin

Project description


Nested inline support for Django admin

Most of the code from this package is from



pip install django-nested-inline


Add nested_inline to INSTALLED_APPS


from django.db import models

class TopLevel(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=200)

class LevelOne(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=200)
    level = models.ForeignKey('TopLevel')

class LevelTwo(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=200)
    level = models.ForeignKey('LevelOne')

class LevelThree(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=200)
    level = models.ForeignKey('LevelTwo')


from django.contrib import admin
from nested_inline.admin import NestedStackedInline, NestedModelAdmin
from example.models import *

class LevelThreeInline(NestedStackedInline):
    model = LevelThree
    extra = 1
    fk_name = 'level'

class LevelTwoInline(NestedStackedInline):
    model = LevelTwo
    extra = 1
    fk_name = 'level'
    inlines = [LevelThreeInline]

class LevelOneInline(NestedStackedInline):
    model = LevelOne
    extra = 1
    fk_name = 'level'
    inlines = [LevelTwoInline]

class TopLevelAdmin(NestedModelAdmin):
    model = TopLevel
    inlines = [LevelOneInline], TopLevelAdmin)

Minifying Javascript

Released versions of this library should have a minified version of the js.

Minification is done with uglifyjs. If npm is installed on your system, you can install uglifyjs with the command:

npm install -g uglify-js

Then change to the directory where the file 'inlines-nested.js' and run the following command:

uglifyjs --compress --mangle --output ./inlines-nested.min.js -- inlines-nested.js

Releasing to PyPi

Create a file at $HOME/.pypirc and put the following text inside:

username = __token__
password = <Token from pypi>

Make sure the dependencies for this project are installed:

pip install django

Then install the build tool:

pip install build

Next run the distribution build of the project:

python -m build

Lastly, push the release to pypi

twine upload dist/*



  • Support django 4.1
  • Fix inline media error (#130)
  • Fix error when using 'save as new' (#149)
  • Add .fieldBox styling for django 2.1+ (#114)
  • Fix select2 import for Django >=2.2 (#150)
  • Fixed FieldDoesNotExist import to support Django>=3.2 (#147)

0.4.5 - Support django 4.0 and django-csp

0.4.4 - Add formset:added and formset:removed events (#97)

0.4.3 - Update media so it expects to find jquery in the right place. (#75)

0.4.2 - Fix assets

0.4.1 - Fix permission checks

0.4.0 - Added support for Django 3.0

0.3.7 - added support for django 1.10, fix unique fieldset id

0.3.6 - added support for django 1.9

0.3.5 - Removed deprecated methods and updated for Django 1.8/1.9

0.3.4 - added licence and updated for python 3

0.3.3 - fixed bug where inlines without inlines would cause an error

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