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A simple Django app to send text messages using the Nexmo api.

Project description

# django-nexmo

`django-nexmo` is a tiny Django app to send sms using the Nexmo provider.

## Installation

Installation using pip is simple:

$ pip install django-nexmo

Add the `nexmo` app to your installed applications:




## Configuration

You need to add a few lines in your `` file for django-nexmo to work:

NEXMO_USERNAME = 'username'
NEXMO_PASSWORD = 'password'
NEXMO_FROM = 'Name or phone'

Did I mention that you need a [Nexmo account](
Seems quite obvious to me.

## Basic usage

The `nexmo` apps gives you access to a shortcut to send text messages easily.

from nexmo import send_message
send_message('+33612345678', 'My sms message body')

Is that all? Yes… for now.

## Advanced usage

`django-nexmo` embeds [libpynexmo by Marco Londero](
Therefore, you can import and use the `NexmoMessage` class to manually forge
requests to the Nexmo API.

from nexmo.libpynexmo.nexmomessage import NexmoMessage

params = {
'api_key': settings.NEXMO_USERNAME,
'api_secret': settings.NEXMO_PASSWORD,
'type': 'unicode',
'from': settings.NEXMO_FROM,
'to': to,
'text': message.encode('utf-8'),
sms = NexmoMessage(params)
response = sms.send_request()

## Handling callbacks

Nexmo can call one of your urls to send further details about a text message processing.

`django-nexmo` provides a very basic callback handler that does nothing but logging
Nexmo calls.

In your main `` file:

urlpatterns = patterns('',

url(r'^nexmo/', include('nexmo.urls')),


This will declare a callback view accessible through the
http://your-site.url/nexmo/callback/ url.

Copy this url and paste it in the "Callback URL" section of your "API settings"
section of your account.

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