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Just sends email. Simple, easy, multiformat.

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Just sends emails. Simple, easy, multiformat.

For those wondering, Ogmios is just the Gallic god of eloquence.


Install from PyPI with pip: pip install django-ogmios.


to: Jane Doe <>, {% for u in users %}{{ }}, {% endfor %}
cc: John Doe <>, {{ copy_user.get_full_name }} <{{ }}>
subject: The whole email is a template
content-type: markdown
  Reply-To: Jaqueline <>
  Organization:, Inc.
{% load special_filter %}

This is a list of special items:

{% for item in item_list %}
   * {{ item|special }}
{% endfor %}
import ogmios

                  {'item_list': ['Hello']},
                       'path': '/path/to/file/',
                       'name': 'file.txt',
                       'type': 'text/plain',

This will render the content as markdown, and send the email with an HTML part and a Plaintext part. For attachments, it is possible to just specify the path, or the path, filename and mimetype.


Resend an email with different context:

import functools
import ogmios

from myapp.models import User

send_registration = functools.partial(ogmios.send, 'mail/template.html')
send_registration({'user': User.objects.get(pk=1337)})


0.11.2 (2020-07-02)

  • Make bcc work

0.11.1 (2018-10-12)

  • Fix email parsing [#15]

0.11.0 (2018-09-04)

  • Add support for Django > 1.11 and remove support for all prior versions.

0.10.0 (2016-04-13)

  • Add support for Django 1.9

  • Drop support for Django 1.7

  • Move method of adding attachments out of the template and require attachments to be passed as an argument to send_email().

0.9.3 (2015-08-27)

  • Add Django 1.7 compatibility.

0.9.2 (2015-07-16)

  • Fix dependencies.

  • Fix tests.

  • Fix compatibility with django’s cached loader.

  • Fix context processing.

0.9.1 (2015-06-22)

  • Fix ‘From’ field always being default

0.9.0 (2015-06-18)

  • Initial version

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