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Django integration for API "".

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Simple django integration for API “Оплата Частями в Интернете”: Схема взаимодействия №1 (Создание платежа по сервису Оплата частями/Мгновенная рассрочка).


Install with pip:

$ pip install django-ok-payparts



Add payparts.urls to your project urlpatterns:

urlpatterns = [
    path('', include('payparts.urls')),

Make migrations:

$ python migrate

Available settings

PAYPARTS_API_PASSWORD - Password of your store.


PAYPARTS_API_URL - Url for creation of a payment. By default:

PAYPARTS_API_REDIRECT_URL - Url to redirect after a success payment. By default:


How to create a payment

  1. Prepare your order’s data:

data = {
    "order_id": f"order-123",
    "amount": 400.00,
    "parts_count": 2,  # optional, default value is '2'
    "merchant_type": "II",  # optional, default value is 'II'
    "products": [
            "name": "Телевизор",
            "count": 2,
            "price": 100.00
            "name": "Микроволновка",
            "count": 1,
            "price": 200.00
    # also optional fields (can be set in your cabinet):
    "response_url": "",
    "redirect_url": "",
  1. Get your redirect url:

from payparts.use_cases import GetRedirectUrlUseCase
redirect_url = GetRedirectUrlUseCase().execute(data)
  1. Redirect a user to the url.

How to process a callback

Whenever a callback is processed a signal will be sent with the result of the transaction.

There are two signals (payparts.signals):

  1. pay_parts_success_callback - if signature is valid.

  2. pay_parts_invalid_callback - if signature is not valid.

Connect the signals to actions to perform the needed operations when a successful payment is received:

from payparts.signals import pay_parts_success_callback, pay_parts_invalid_callback

from orders.models import Order

def success_callback(sender, log, request, **kwargs):
    # ensure success state
    if log.is_success:
        order = Order.objects.get(pk=log.order_id)


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