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This library is aimed to simplify creation of user sorted lists.

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This library is aimed to simplify creation of user sorted lists.
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1. Install with pip or

2. Add ordered_listview into `INSTALLED_APPS`. ::

INSTALLED_APPS += ['ordered__listview']

3. Add template tags lib into builtins. ::

add_to_builtins('ordered_listview.templatetags.ordered_listview') // Or load with {% load ordered_listview %}

4. Inherit your view from `OrderedListView`. And setup your ordering fields. ::

from ordered_listview import OrderedListView

class UserListView(OrderedListView):
allowed_order_by = [
('username', _('Login')),
('userfile__file__size', _('Size')),
('date_joined', _('Sing up date'))
default_order_by = 'created'

5. Add a tag into you your template. ::

{% include "ordered_listview/fields.html" %}


1. To change get attribute name, just set `OrderedListView.order_by` attribute ::

class UserListView(OrderedListView):
order_by = "order_by"

2. If you need to provide your own template create inside your `templates`
`ordered_listview` directory with `fields.html` and `field.html` in.

fields.html - list of sortable fields
field.html - order field and state template

3. If you want to ignore null values during sort, add fields to null_ignore_fields.

class UserListView(OrderedListView):
null_ignore_fields = ['quantity']

class UserListView(OrderedListView):
null_ignore_fields = '*' # For all fields

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