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EU VATMOSS support for django-oscar

Project description

Enables EU VATMOSS processing for the Oscar e-commerce system

This package enables e-commerce application based on Django Oscar to assess and charge VAT (Value Added Tax) according to EU regulations.

It is based on django-oscar and vat_moss-python.


For now, install with

pip install

to get the latest master. There are no named releases yet, and the package isn’t yet on PyPI.


To use, you must

  • Enable a pricing Strategy that uses the DeferredTax tax mixin

  • Add a CheckoutSessionMixin to your checkout session, so taxes can be applied when the customer’s shipping address is known

  • Optionally extend your data model with a field accommodating your customer’s VATIN (VAT Identification Number) if you want to enable VAT-free B2B transactions under the reverse charge system. If all your transactions are B2C, this last bit may be safely omitted.

Enabling a VAT-enabled pricing strategy

Add oscar_vat_moss.partner.strategy.VATStrategy to your partner/ module, and update your Selector to use it when appropriate:

# partner/

from oscar_vat_moss.partner.strategy import VATStrategy

class Selector(object):
    def strategy(self, request=None, user=None, **kwargs):
        # Apply your strategy selection logic, where appropriate:
        return VATStrategy(request)

If you only want one selector and you always want to apply VATStrategy, you may also simply use:

# partner/

from oscar_vat_moss.partner.strategy import *

Applying VAT on checkout

Add oscar_vat_moss.checkout.session.CheckoutSessionMixin to your checkout/ module:

# checkout/

from oscar_vat_moss.checkout.session import CheckoutSessionMixin

Project details

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