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An application for intagrating WebPay with oscar based e-commerce sites

Project description

Right now only the NORMAL payment method is available.

This django app provides the necessary views and functionality for integrate a WSDL WebPay payment service into adjango-oscar based site.

This package has been only tested against the chilean WebPay service.

Important notes about payment flow

Operation InitTransaction: Initializes a transaction in Webpay. In response to the invocation, a Token is generated, which uniquely represents a transaction. It is important to consider that once this method is invoked, the delivered Token has a reduced life span of 5 minutes, after which the Token is expired and can not be used in a payment.

Operation getTransactionResult: Corresponds to the operation after the init Transaction. Allows you to obtain the result of the transaction once Webpay has resolved your financial authorization

Operation acknowledgeTransaction: If the invocation is not performed within 30 seconds (regardless of the result delivered by the getTransactionResult method), Webpay will reverse the transaction, assuming that the trade was unable to report its result, thus preventing cardholder payment.



In order to use this you must provide some configurations, you can setup the methods you want to use, the methods are: NORMAL, NORMAL_MALL, CAPTURE or ONECLICK.

# Configuration example

WEBPAY_RETURN_IP_ADDRESS = ''              # Ip address of the host hosting the e-commerce site.
WEBPAY_RETURN_PORT = 8000                           # Port where the server is listening for?


                                                    # This values determines which url is used
                                                    # from the 'ENVIRONMENTS' setting.

    'ENVIRONMENTS': {                               # Map the service urls to the active environment value.
        'INTEGRATION': '',
        'CERTIFICATION': '',
        'PRODUCTION': '',

    # The following settings are self explanatory.
    'PRIVATE_KEY':  '~/webpay_dev_certs/integracion_normal/597020000541.key',
    'PUBLIC_CERT':  '~/webpay_dev_certs/integracion_normal/597020000541.crt',
    'WEBPAY_CERT':  '~/webpay_dev_certs/integracion_normal/tbk.pem',
    'COMMERCE_CODE': '597020000541'

Redirecting to WebpayPaymentDetailsView

Add the following:

if payment_method.lower() == 'webpay':
       return redirect('webpay-redirect')

to the PaymentDetailsView.get method.

Including urls

Add to your urls configuration:

url(r'^checkout/', include('oscar_webpay.urls')),
url(r'^dashboard/webpay/', include(webpay_dashboard.urls))

Modifying dependencies

If you are experiencing some problems getting this to work properly, try to modify some dependencies according to this:


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