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Integration with Worldpay payments for django-oscar

Project description

Continuous integration status

This package provides integration between django-oscar and Worldpay Select Junior (also known as HTML Redirect).

These payment options can be used individually or together. Further, the package is structured so that it can be used without Oscar if you so wish.

Current status

We believe this product is usable in production, but as always, it is released as-is without warranty. If you find any bugs please submit either a bug report or a pull request.


This package supports the so-called ‘MD5 Encryption’ security of Worldpay, with configurable fields. It also implement the DNS based checking of response callbacks.

It uses C_Parameters internally for passing cart information back, this uses a SHA-based HMAC for verification.

This package doesn’t yet support the callbackPW parameter, patches to add this would be very welcome.


The following parameters should be set:


    A string containing your instance ID, such as ‘12345’


    A boolean to determine test mode


    The string entered in the MD5 field of WorldPay’s console, or None


    A tuple of field names, such as (‘instId’, ‘cartId’, ‘amount’, ‘currency’), to use with the MD5 Secret


    A string pointing to the key in Request.META that contains the IP of the request’s origin. Usually either REMOTE_ADDR or HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR.


Worldpay’s recommended authentication of requests is based on multiple DNS lookups. Please be sure you have a working and reliable DNS setup before using this package. Patches to make this lookup optional and to add the CallbackPW alternative would be welcome.

You also need the dynamic callback response parameter to be enabled. Currently there are two callbacks, a fail and a success callback. If these two were integrated this requirement could be dropped.


The package is released under the New BSD license.


Please let @matthewwilkes know if you use this package, feedback would be very useful. Pull requests are very much welcome, please don’t hesitate to send them. If they’re not attended to quickly, ping @matthewwilkes on twitter or GitHub.


Having problems or got a question?

  • Have a look at the sandbox site as this is a sample Oscar project integrated with Worldpay. See the contributing guide within the docs for instructions on how to set up the sandbox locally.

  • Ping @matthewwilkes (or @django_oscar) with quick queries.

  • Ask more detailed questions on the Oscar mailing list:

  • Use Github for submitting issues and pull requests.


1.3 (2016-03-09)

  • Fix a bug where the reliability fix included in 1.2 would not work if the two requests were almost simultanous. [bharling, mwilkes]

1.2 (2015-10-22)

  • Make order confirmation more reliable, by fixing a failure mode if the user sends multiple finalisation requests [bharling]

  • On payment failure redirect to basket:summary rather than basket:preview, to support multiple gateways. [lpakula]

  • Load OrderPlacementMixin dynamically to allow overrides [bharling]

1.1 (2015-09-28)

  • Fix a bug when phonenumber wasn’t set. [mwilkes]

  • Remove some old PayPal references that were missed. [mwilkes]

1.0 (2015-09-28)

  • Initial release. Working integration of Worldpay and Oscar. [mwilkes]


  • Skeleton of Worldpay integration, supporting making requests and receiving callbacks. [mwilkes]


  • Forked from django-oscar-paypal 0.9.5

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