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Show panoramic photos in django

Project description


Integration of jQuery virtual tour in Django.

One model stores panoramic photo while a number of other models represents clickable areas in the panorama. There are currently three types of clickable areas:

Panorama Link

Link to another panorama, to allow virtual tour navigation.


Show a ajax popup with HTML block (using tinymce)

External link

Display another url in a iframe.


  • Install django-panorama egg with pip, buildout, or whatever.

  • Add ‘panorama’ to your INSTALLED_APPS

  • Add panorama urls to your project urls: (r'^panoramas/', include('panorama.urls')),

  • Run syncdb

  • Overwrite panoramas default template: templates/panorama/base.html

This app uses django-multilingual-ng and django-tinymce. They must be installed and configured for this app to work.


If you are upgrading from 1.1 or before, database migration is required.

Django-panorama uses South to keep in sync database and models, so it’s recommended to add ‘south’ to your INSTALLED_APPS.


No required configuration. There are some optional configuration parameters to control behaviour of panorama display. You can place the following variables in your project’s


Width of the panorama window

Value: width in pixels. Default: 600


Speed of the panorama rotation.

Value: number; higher values means slower :-P Default: 20000


Starting direction of the rotation.

Value: [‘left’,’right’] Default: ‘left’


Display rotation controls?

Value: [‘auto’, ‘yes’, ‘no’] Default: ‘auto’


Starting position of the panorama.

Value: position in pixels. Default: 0


Start rotation automatically?

Value: True, False Default: False


Loop over the panorama?

Value: True, False Default: True


To show a panorama model in templates:

{% load panorama %}
{% show_panorama panorama_object %}


This app needs the following javascript libraries loaded: jquery, jquery.panorama, jquery.fancybox and jquery.advanced-panorama. All are bundled with this app; to load the first three you can use the panorama_js templatetag:

{% panorama_js %}

jquery.advanced-panorama case is different, it’s loaded automatically and resides in /static/panorama/js/jquery.advanced-panorama.js.

Admin interface uses OpenLayers, also bundled with this app. Can be found in /static/panorama/js/OpenLayers.js.


Sample css and media is provided. Load with:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{STATIC_URL}}panorama/jquery.panorama.css" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{STATIC_URL}}panorama/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css" />


Configuration options can be overwritten through context. For example:

{% with position=800 viewport_width=400 %}
    {% show_panorama panorama_object %}
{% endwith %}


0.1 - Unreleased

  • Initial release.

  • Basic Support for panoramic images.

  • Templatetag to display image.

1.0 - 2011/01/20

  • Upgraded to django 1.3

  • Add suport for jquery virtual tour, a enhancement of jquery.panorama.

  • Support for notes and external links through jquery virtual tour.

  • Renamed from gisa.panorama to django-panorama.

  • Dropped namespace package gisa.

  • Added some tests.

  • Use generic views.

  • Simplify urls.

  • Improved templates.

  • Migrated from multilingual to multilingual-ng.

  • Add some documentation.

1.1 - 2011/01/20

  • Fix fixtures and tests.

  • Renamed templatetags panorama -> panoramas to avoid conflict.

  • Code cosmetics, docstrings.

1.2 - 2011/01/30

  • Add Link model to allow navigation between panoramas.

  • Migrate to South.

  • Renamed PanoramaExternalLink and PanoramaNote to ExternalLink and Note.

  • Add options to to control default behavior of panorama display.

  • Add fields to Panorama model to allow overwriting default options.

  • Allow overwriting options in show_panorama templatetag.

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