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Django app for client-side form validation. Wrapper for parsley.js

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###What is it?

[Parsleyjs]( is a JavaScript library to do client side data validations.
It does this in a non-intrusive way via adding a `data-*` attributes to form fields.

When you define a Django form, you get server side validations for free using
the form field attributes. Django-parsley adds these validations to client side, by tagging your form with `data-*` attributes.

### Installation

Add `parsley` to your `INSTALLED_APPS`.

### Usage

`parsley` provides a single class decorator called `parsleyfy`. Decorate your `Form` with `parsleyfy` to get the validations.


from parsley.decorators import parsleyfy

class FieldTypeForm(forms.Form):
name = forms.CharField(min_length=3, max_length=30)
url = forms.URLField()
url2 = forms.URLField(required=False)
email = forms.EmailField()
email2 = forms.EmailField(required=False)
age = forms.IntegerField()
income = forms.DecimalField()

Your rendered form's HTML will look like this

<p><label for="id_name">Name:</label> <input data-required="true" data-minlength="3" maxlength="30" type="text" data-maxlength="30" id="id_name" name="name" /></p>
<p><label for="id_url">Url:</label> <input type="text" data-required="true" data-type="url" name="url" id="id_url" /></p>
<p><label for="id_url2">Url2:</label> <input type="text" data-type="url" name="url2" id="id_url2" /></p>
<p><label for="id_email">Email:</label> <input type="text" data-required="true" data-type="email" name="email" id="id_email" /></p>
<p><label for="id_email2">Email2:</label> <input type="text" data-type="email" name="email2" id="id_email2" /></p>
<p><label for="id_age">Age:</label> <input type="text" data-required="true" data-type="digits" name="age" id="id_age" /></p>
<p><label for="id_income">Income:</label> <input type="text" data-required="true" data-type="number" name="income" id="id_income" /></p>

Note the `data-*` attributes.

You could also do

FieldTypeForm = parsleyfy(FieldTypeForm)

Which is the same thing.

Put this form inside a

<form data-validate="parsley">
{{ form.as_p }}

Include the parsleyjs and you are good to go.


3 Clause BSD.

### Bug report and Help

For bug reports open a github ticket. Patches gratefully accepted. Need help? [Contact us here](

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