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Create badge for your django user with postgresql triggers

Project description

Badges are earned by users for meeting some conditions defined in the badge.json file

A Badge object (database model) is then created linking a user to a badge.


Condition is a sql check to be made for awarding a badge.

You have access to the variable NEW if you set the trigger_contition to “update” or “insert”. This is the database object after update or insert.

You have access to the variable OLD if you set the trigger_contition to “update” or “delete”. This is the database object after update or delete.


We want the badges to be given as soon as a condition is meet. Even if the event come from an event outside the Django application.

We do not want to relly on celery to periodicaly check for badges

  • Too often : this is a performance bootleneck

  • Too late : annoying for users

The check for each badge is checked when “something” change.

To create the database triggers that will be responsible for badge earning run:

>>> python create_badge_triggers

When you change badge.json (adding, updating or deleting badges) run this commande to reflect those changes in the database.

badge.json example

` [{"name": "Pionner", "code": "pionner", "condition": "age(NEW.date_joined) > interval '1 year'", "trigger_condition": "update", "trigger_table": "auth_user", "user_field": "id" }, {"name": "Collector", "code": "collector" "condition": "count(id) >= 5 from dummy_sketch where user_id = NEW.user_id", "trigger_condition": "insert", "trigger_table": "dummy_sketch", "user_field": "user_id" }, {"name": "Star", "code": "star", "condition": "hit_views > 1000 ", "trigger_condition": "update", "trigger_table": "dummy_sketch", "user_field": "user_id" }] ` name is the name of the badge as it will be displayed in the front or the API.

code is th unique code name of the badge

condition is the query that will be issued to check if the badge should be earned

trigger_contition tell when the check must be made. One of insert, update or delete


see INSTALL file for instructions.

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