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Persistable oauth2 Mailchimp backend for Django.

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# Django Plantains

Django plantains creates the ability to persist the association of a MailChimp account to an AuthUser account in Django. Leveraging the Django framework this can facitate authentication and persisted storage of Oauth metadata for later retrieval and usage.

# Requirements
Django plantains was built and tested for:
* Django: 1.8
* Python: 2.7

# Installation
Use pip to install into a virtualenv:
pip install django-plantains

In `settings` configuration file add the following:

Include the application URLconf in your project
url(r'^plantains/', include('plantains.urls')),

Using a MailChimp registered app, set your client_id and client_secret in your `settings` configuration as well:
MAILCHIMP_CLIENT_SECRET = 'a1b2c3d4e5f6789'

# Optional parameters
# Defaults

# These are in case MailChimp decides
# to change it's endpoints

Use the authentication url to begin the Oauth process in your Django templates.
<a href="{% url 'mailchimp_auth' %}">Feelin Chimpy</a>

Once the authentication is complete you can find your access_token in the `mailchimp_user` table.

## How to Contribute
Django-plantains is willing and open to accept all contributions. Take a fork and make a pull-request. If you feel like becoming an active maintainer, please get in touch in becoming a project contributor.

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