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Django pop-up forms framework.

Project description


  • To have easy way to show popup window, holding any form, from any page of the website (examples: send message from user profile or from list of profiles; apply/withdraw to pool from list of companies, etc.)

  • This popup window should be pre-loaded, i.e. there should not be HTTP request to server in order to open popup window

  • In case form error occurs (some fields are missing, email format is wrong, etc.) the same form should be re-populated in the same page, indicating errors

  • After form is submitted, user should be redirected to either the same, or specified page


The solution consists of 4 components:

  • Template tag, rendering popup form and link for opening it:

    {% popup_form 'id1' popup_forms.ApplyForm '/talent/apply/6/' 'popup_forms/apply_to_pool.html' %}
    {% popup_form 'id2' popup_forms.SomeModelForm '/talent/apply/6/' 'popup_forms/apply_to_pool.html' kwarg1=... kwarg2=... %}
  • Decorator for view function, that is processing popup form submission, and exception to handle form errors:

    import popup_forms
    def form_view(request):
        if request.method == 'POST':
            form = ApplyForm(
            if not form.is_valid():
                return popup_forms.OpenFormResponse(request, form)
            # ...
            # ... FORM PROCESSING GOES HERE ...
            # ...
            return popup_forms.CloseFormResponse(request)
            return redirect('failure_url')
            # or raise Http404
            # or just popup_forms.CloseFormResponse(request)
  • Template to render the form, derived from popup_forms/base.html

  • (optional) context processor (popup_forms.context_processors.popup_forms), that puts all PopUp form classes to context, in order not to pass it each time in view:

    • in settings:

      POPUP_FORMS = ('messages.forms.WriteMessageForm',
    • in template it could be accessed:

      {{ popup_forms.WriteMessageForm }}, etc.
  • Decorator to conditionally display popup form on page load (for example, to fill in some missing information after registration/login):

                     lambda request: 'register-details' in request.session)
    def some_my_view(request):

Use case is following:

  • Template tags renders the form, together with link:

    <a href="..." onclick="open the form">Link Title</a>
    <div class="hidden_form">
  • When user clicks on link, the form, already pre-loaded in template, just makes visible

  • User fills form, and submits it. POST request goes to form processing URL

  • If form is valid, it is processed, handler returns CloseFormResponse to close the popup form, and user is redirected to success url (which by default is the referrer page where popup form was rendered)

  • If form contains errors, handler returns OpenFormResponse, it is handled by decorator, which stores form data AND ERROR DATA in session, and redirects back to referring view

  • The {% popup_form %} tag then finds data, stored by decorator, and re-populates form making it VISIBLE (not hidden) - user sees the same form, with errors


There is no separate template to be rendered by form processing view. That’s why form processing view should not render anything: it just porcesses forms, and makes redirects. If the view renders something, the decorator raises exception.


  • If there are many links in the page, for each link a separate form is rendered hiddenly. However, HTML of the form does not take much space (less than 1000 characters)

  • Right now we have problem to scroll page to the same position after re-populating form with errors, but it can be resolved

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