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A port of presskit() to Django

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A port of Rami Ismail's presskit()/dopresskit to Django.

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  • Django < 2
  • django-filer
  • easy_thumbnails
  • Markdown
  • Pillow
  • django-admin-sortable2


Add "django_presskit" and "adminsortable2" to your INSTALLED_APPS.

Add DJANGO_PRESSKIT_DEFAULT_COMPANY_ID = 1 to your settings file.

In your main, add a line like: url(r'^presskit/', include('django_presskit.urls', namespace='django_presskit')),

All data can be set up in the Django admin.


If upgrading to 1.1.0, run the following on your project after adding adminsortable2 to your settings:

python reorder django_presskit.additionallink django_presskit.award django_presskit.companyimageattachment django_presskit.companylogoattachment django_presskit.companyvideo django_presskit.feature django_presskit.platform django_presskit.price django_presskit.project django_presskit.projectimageattachment django_presskit.projectlogoattachment django_presskit.quote django_presskit.trailer

Converting from presskit()/dopresskit

If you are switching from Rami Ismail's presskit(), you'll want to make sure any old URLs that are floating around continue to work. Presskit() URLs look like /presskit/sheet.php?p=exploit_zero_day. You'll want to convert those into something like /presskit/exploit-zero-day/.

Make sure that the slugs for your django-presskit projects match those for your presskit() projects. Then, you can use URL rewriting to redirect users to the new URL.

If you have Apache with mod_rewrite enabled, add something like the following to your .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine  on
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^p=(.*)$
RewriteRule "^/?presskit/sheet.php"  "/presskit/projects/%1" [N]
# Repeatedly remove underscores until only one is left.
RewriteRule "^(/?presskit/projects/.*)_(.*_.*)$"  "$1-$2" [N]
# Redirect with the last underscore rewrite.
RewriteRule "^(/?presskit/projects/.*)_(.*)$"  "$1-$2" [R=301]
RewriteRule "^/?presskit/sheet\.php$ "              "/presskit/" [R=301]

If you're using nginx for rewrites, this would look like:

location ~* /presskit/sheet.php {
    if ($args ~* "^p=(\d+)") {
        set $proj $1;
        set $args '';
        rewrite ^.*$ /presskit/projects/$proj permanent;
# Remove up to 10 underscores until none are left.
rewrite ^(/?presskit/projects/.*?)_(.*)$  $1-$2 last
rewrite ^/?presskit/sheet\.php$           /presskit/ permanent

If you're using nginx and one of your slugs has more than ten underscores, add a rewrite above the first one to manually fix that one case. Nginx does not want to loop more than 10 times in a rewrite calculation.


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