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Make Django wait until database is ready. Probes for Docker and Kubernetes.

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Provides a Django management command to check whether the primary database is ready to accept connections.

Run this command in a Kubernetes or OpenShift Init Container to make your Django application wait until the database is available (e.g. to run database migrations).

Why Should I Use This App?

wait_for_database is a single command for all database engines Django supports. It automatically checks the database you have configured in your Django project settings. No need to code a specific wait command for Postgres, MariaDB, Oracle, etc., no need to pull a database engine specific container just for running the database readiness check.


The easiest way to install django-probes is with pip

$ pip install django-probes

Basic Usage

  1. Add django-probes to your Django application:


2. Add an Init Container to your Kubernetes/OpenShift deployment configuration, which calls the wait_for_database management command:

- kind: Deployment
  apiVersion: apps/v1
        - name: wait-for-database
          image: my-django-app:latest
          - secretRef:
              name: django
          command: ['python', '', 'wait_for_database']

Use with Your Own Command

Alternatively, you can integrate the wait_for_database command in your own management command, and do things like database migration, load initial data, etc. with roughly the same Kubernetes setup as above.

from import call_command

# ...

Command Line Options

The management command comes with sane defaults, which you can override if needed:

–timeout, -t:

how long to wait for the database before timing out (seconds), default: 180

–stable, -s:

how long to observe whether connection is stable (seconds), default: 5

–wait-when-down, -d:

delay between checks when database is down (seconds), default: 2

–wait-when-alive, -a:

delay between checks when database is up (seconds), default: 1


which database of settings.DATABASES to wait for, default: default

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