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Prosoul is a software quality models manager to create, import/export, view and edit models

Project description

Prosoul is a software quality models manager to create, import/export, view and edit models.


The goal of this project is to create a web editor and viewer for software quality models that are used to show metrics in a meaning way. Also, importers and exporters for the different quality models used in the industry will be implemented so they can be used as models or evolved for the creation of new quality models.

In the initial version the metrics supported will be the CROSSMINER ones.

Based on the models, visualizations and assessment for the projects are generated. In the inital version Kibana dashoards will be created using GrimoireLab.

The final goal is to have a tool for “Automatic Project Assessment and Visualization based on Evolved Quality Models”.

The original name for this project was Meditor but is was chaged to Prosoul because meditor already was used in pip.

Source code and contributions

All the source code is available in the Prosoul GitHub repository. Please, upload pull requests if you have proposals to change the source code, and open an issue if you want to report a bug, ask for a new feature, or just comment something.

The code of conduct must be followed in all contributions to the project.


Prosoul is a Django application. The recommended way to execute it is inside a python virtual environment.

Change VENV_DIR with the path to the folder in which you want to store the virtual environment.

From source code repository

This is the recommend way if you want to contribute to the development of ProSoul.

git clone
cd prosoul/django-prosoul
prosoul/django-prosoul $ mkdir -p VENV_DIR
prosoul/django-prosoul $ python3 -m venv VENV_DIR
prosoul/django-prosoul $ source VENV_DIR/bin/activate
prosoul/django-prosoul $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

And to start the Django application:

prosoul/django-prosoul $ python3 makemigrations
prosoul/django-prosoul $ python3 migrate
prosoul/django-prosoul $ python3 runserver

By default the applicacion will be accesible in:

From pip package

There is also a pip package with the Django application. You can just deploy it in a Django site:

mkdir -p VENV_DIR
python3 -m venv VENV_DIR
source VENV_DIR/bin/activate
pip install django
pip install django-prosoul

and you need to add the application following the normal steps in Django:

django-admin startproject mysite
cd mysite
vi mysite/

mysite (venv) $ vi mysite/
from django.conf.urls import include, url
urlpatterns = [
    path('prosoul/', include('prosoul.urls')),
mysite (venv) $ python migrate
mysite (venv) $ python runserver

Using a docker image

A docker image is also available to execute the application:

prosoul/docker $ docker-compose up

Basic Usage

There is two introductory videos: showing the import and view feature, and howto use the editor for adding a new quality model:

Import / Export

Import and export for quality models can be done using the web interface or from the command line:

  • Import a model from a OSSMeter JSON file:

prosoul/django-prosoul $ PYTHONPATH=. prosoul/ -f prosoul/data/ossmeter_qm.json --format ossmeter
  • Export a model to a GrimoireLab JSON file:

prosoul/django-prosoul $ PYTHONPATH=. prosoul/ -f prosoul/data/ossmeter_qm_grimoirelab.json --format grimoirelab -m "Default OSSMETER quality model"


  • Python >=3.4

  • setuptools

  • django

  • kidash

  • requests

  • python3-tk

  • matplotlib


A draft diagram for the architecture is:

Prosoul with CROSSMINER

There is a specific guide for using prosoul with CROSSMINER for creating the visualization for a quality model and generating the assessment of the projects with CROSSMINER.

There is a demo online of prosoul for CROSSMINER.

Prosoul with GrimoireLab

There is a specific guide for using prosoul with GrimoireLab for creating the visualization for a quality model and generating the assessment of the projects with GrimoireLab.


The ROADMAP for Prosoul is based on GitHub milestones. The current active work is done in the issues related to the current milestone.


Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3 or later.

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