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A Django module for execute custom sql query in a .sql file

Project description

# django-query-execfile
**Django module for execute sql query in a file**

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# Overview

django-query-execfile is a simple library for execute .sql query file.

# Requirements

* Python (2.7.x )
* Django (1.5+ )

# Installation

Install using `pip`...

pip install django-query-execfile

# Usage & Example

This is content of a .sql file

DATE(customerPayment.created) AS created,
SUM(transaction.amount * transaction.exchange_rate) AS amount_exchanged
FROM shop_module_customerpayment customerPayment
LEFT JOIN shop_module_transaction transaction ON = customerPayment.transaction_id
WHERE (customerPayment.created BETWEEN %(from_date)s AND %(to_date)s)
GROUP BY DATE(customerPayment.created);

Usage example

from models import Order
from query_execfile import sql_execfile, raw_queryfile

result = sql_execfile('../datagrip/payment_transaction_stats.sql'),
params={'from_date': .., 'to_date': ..},
print result

rawQuerySet = raw_queryfile(Order, '../datagrip/order_rawquery.sql')
for order in rawQuerySet:

**mapResultToDict=True** will map results to a dict with key = first comment above the query.
So you can write multiple query in a single file and execute these query at once.

**includeDescription=True** will add a extra row at first as column header using description from the query.
In this case is _AS created_ and _AS amount_exchanged_

**Result return of that example:**

{"sum_customerPayment_amount_rate_exchanged_group_by_day": [

# Documentation & Support

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