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A simple to use Django package to turn your sql query into a beautiful reporting html table

Project description


django-query-to-table is an easy to use django package to generate html table from sql query.

You can read more about this package here : django query to table

The package contains one function named "generateFromSql" accepting 12 arguments :

  • cursor : DB cursor
  • title : The title of the report that will be shown on top of table
  • sqltext : The sql select query to retrieve data
  • footerCols : A list of columns name that you want to have Sum of values on footer . Example : ['amount','price']
  • htmlClass : Html CSS classes for the table
  • direction (default = "ltr") : Indicates direction of the report page. "ltr"- Left to Right , "rtl" - Right to Left
  • font (default = "Tahoma") : Font of title and table contents
  • totalText (default = "Total") : Title of footer row that will be the put below the first column.
  • rowIndex (default = False) : Indicates whether the table should have index column or not.
  • headerRowColor (default = '#eeeeee') : The header (title) row background color.
  • evenRowColor (default = '#ffffff') : The even rows background color.
  • oddRowColor (default = '#ffffff') : The odd rows background color.


To install django-query-to-table using pip :

pip install django-query-to-table

Usage :

from django.db import connection
from django_query_to_table import DjangoQtt
from django.http import HttpResponse

# view function in Django project
def listOfPersons(request):
  cursor = connection.cursor()
  reportTitle = "Employee List"
  sqlQuery = "SELECT FirstName as 'First Name', LastName as 'Last Name', phone as 'Phone Number', salary as 'Salary' FROM persons"
  columnsToBeSummarized = ['Salary']
  fontName = "Arial"
  cssClasses = "reportTable container"
  headerRowBackgroundColor = '#ffeeee'
  evenRowsBackgroundColor = '#ffeeff'
  oddRowsBackgroundColor = '#ffffff'
  table = DjangoQtt.generateFromSql(cursor, reportTitle, sqlQuery, columnsToBeSummarized, cssClasses,
                                  "ltr", fontName, "Total Salary", True,
                                  headerRowBackgroundColor, evenRowsBackgroundColor, oddRowsBackgroundColor
  # table is a string variable contianing the html table showing the query result

  return HttpResponse(table)

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