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Async-friendly straightforward Django API helpers

Project description


Async-friendly straightforward Django API helpers

Hello world

from raw_api import validate_json

@validate_json({"name": str})
def hello(request):
    name = request.json["name"]
    if name == "death":
        return "not today", 403
    return {"hello": request.json["name"]}


  • Install in from pypi: pip install django-raw-api
  • Add raw_api into INSTALLED_APPS list of your
  • Add raw_api.middleware middleware into MIDDLEWARE



It adds lazy request.json attribute and serializes raw responses such as:

  • str or tuple(message: str, status: int) - into plain text response
  • dict or tuple(data: dict, status: int) - into JSON response


  • request.json: dict - parsed json
  • request.query: dict - parsed query (only after @validate_query)


You can just return str or dict with an optional status code

def json_200ok(request):
    return {"hello": "world"}

def plain_text_with_status(request):
    return "bad request", 400


Decorators @user_required and @staff_required is analogous to @login_required and @staff_member_required with JSON-based errors instead of redirecting

Both decorators cache request.user so you can use it without sync_to_async even in async views.

from raw_api import user_required, staff_required

async def user(request):
    # no `sync_to_async` required
    return request.user.username

def staff(request):
    return {"admin": "zone"}

Data validation

@validate_query and @validate_json decorators are there to perform simple first-level validation of requests data. Internally they use the trafaret library.

from raw_api import validate_json, validate_query

@validate_json({"ids": [int], "hello?": str})
async def foo(request):
    return request.json

@validate_query({"id": int})
def bar(request):
    assert isinstance(id, int)
    return request.query


There's an example of using it with async views in the examples folder.


    python -m venv .venv
    source .venv/bin/activate
    pip install -Ur requirements-dev.txt
    python -m pytest tests

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