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This reusable Django app using WYSIWYG editor

Project description


What's that

*django-redactorjs is a reusable application for Django, using WYSIWYG editor*

**Package not compatible with previous version 0.2.x.**
**Package not include redactor.js**

- `Django >= 1.3` # for static files
- `Pillow` or `PIL` # for image upload

Getting started

* Install django-redactorjs:

``pip install django-redactorjs

* Add `'redactor'` to INSTALLED_APPS.

* Add `url(r'^redactor/', include('redactor.urls'))`, to

* Add default config in (more settings see: <>):

REDACTOR_OPTIONS = {'lang': 'ru'}
REDACTOR_UPLOAD = 'uploads/'

Config for redactor static
'all': (

You can also specify a function to modify the filename of uploaded files (for example to ensure the filename is unique).
import uuid
def make_unique_filename(filename):
ext = filename.split('.')[-1]
return "%s.%s" % (uuid.uuid4(), ext)

REDACTOR_GENERATE_FILENAME = make_unique_filename


Using in model

from django.db import models
from redactor.fields import RedactorField

class Entry(models.Model):
title = models.CharField(max_length=250, verbose_name=u'Заголовок')
short_text = RedactorField(verbose_name=u'Краткий текст')

or use custom parametrs:

short_text = RedactorField(verbose_name=u'Краткий текст',
redactor_options={'lang': 'ru', 'focus': 'true'},

Using for only admin interface
from django import forms
from redactor.widgets import RedactorEditor
from blog.models import Entry

class EntryAdminForm(forms.ModelForm):
class Meta:
model = Entry
widgets = {
'short_text': RedactorEditor(),

class EntryAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
form = EntryAdminForm

`RedactorEditor` takes the same parameters as `RedactorField`

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