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A small, rudimentary helper app for RiotJS integration into django projects.

Project description

A small, rudimentary helper app for RiotJS ( integration into django projects.


Install Django RiotJS Helper:

pip install django-riotjs-helper

Add it to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Add this to your base template (base.html):

{% include 'riotjs_helper/riotjs_core.html' %}
{% block riot_tags %}
{% endblock riot_tags %}
{% include 'riotjs_helper/riotjs_mount.html' %}

If you plan on using django rest framework you can switch riotjs_core.html to the more elaborate riotjs_setup.html:

{% include 'riotjs_helper/riotjs_setup.html' %}

This setup requires some additional libraries as well, allready included in the requirements.txt:


And these has to be added to your INSTALLED_APPS, urls has to be updated etc.

And then to create some tags:

python riot_tag <appname> <tag1-name> <tag2-name>

In the page you want to use your tag:

{% block content %}
{% endblock %}

{% block riot_tags %}
{% include '<appname>/include/<tag1-name>_tag.html' %}
{% include '<appname>/include/<tag2-name>_tag.html' %}
{% endblock riot_tags %}

If you need to add more context to your tags you can do that by editing the generated include files, for instance like so:

{% load static %}
<script src="{% static '<appname>/tags/<tag1-name>.tag' %}" type="riot/tag"></script>

riot_context['<tag1-name>'] = {more_context_goes_here: { ... something fancy ...}};


If you want to look at some boilerplate/example code generate your tags with the –example-code option:

python riot_tag <appname> <tag1-name> <tag2-name> --example-code


0.1.0 (2018-09-23)

  • First release on PyPI.

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