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Django wrapper for RSZ.IO

Project description

A Django wrapper for


Install via pip:

pip install django-rszio


  1. Add to INSTALLED_APPS in 'rszio',

  2. Add the include to urlpatterns in urlpatterns = [ url(r'^media/', include('rszio.urls')), ]

  3. Load the template tag into a template {% load rszio %}

  4. Use the image tag. {% image 'path/to/image.jpg' width=100 rotate=10 %} Visit the RSZ.IO Docs for all of the options. Convert parameters to kwargs.


Prevalidate if the image exists in the default file storage

Add to


The default is False

Cache Control headers

It is highly recommended that if you use this package your site should be sitting behind a CDN. Not sure what this is, check out

Add to

To set an expiration timeout use an integer in seconds. For example, below the image is set to cache for an hour.


This will output Cache-Control max-age=3600 in the response header.

The advanced option

Any string you pass that doesn’t convert to an int will be set in the header.


This will output Cache-Control no-cache in the response header.


  • KISS

  • The origional image must be accessable via a URL, so RSZ.IO can access it. I use django-storages with AWS S3 to serve my media.

  • This is tested and used in production with Django 1.10 and 1.11 on Python 3.5 and 3.6. But this should work on older versions of Django and Python 2. Open an issue or pull request if not the case.


The package is following the Major.Minor.BugFix philosophy. So breaking changes will increase the major number. New features will increase the minor number.

So it is safe to put this line in your requirements.txt

All new features, no breaking features


Just bugfixes


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