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Schema Sprout connects to a third-party database to dynamically create models and views.

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Django Schema Sprout

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Django Schema Sprout is a django package that helps with generating models, serializers and views dynamically for unmanaged databases. Currently Django Schema Sprout supports only PostgreSQL (>=11.), Django (>=4.0, <5.0)


To install Django Schema Sprout, you can run:

pip install django-schema-sprout


Add django_schema_sprout in installed apps in your and add SchemaSproutDBRouter to your database routers.

    # django_schema_sprout requires rest_framework and drf_yasg to be installed.


Initializing SchemaSprout

from django_schema_sprout.schema_sprout import SchemaSprout

my_db_sprout = SchemaSprout("name_of_unmanaged_db")

SchemaSprout is Singleton based on parameters so initializing SchemaSprout with same database name will return same instance.

Creating models

You can either create all models at once using create_models.

create_models takes one parameter:

  • readonly bool (default: False), specifying if created REST ViewSets should be readonly or not.

To create one model at the time use create_model.

create_model takes 3 parameter:

  • table_name - str, name of the table for which you want to create model.
  • table_nspname - str, schema where the table resides.
  • readonly bool (default: False), specifying if created REST ViewSet should be readonly or not.

Including SchemaSprout ViewSets

In file, include urls from SchemaSprout.router. Make sure that the models that you need were created before.

from django.contrib import admin
from django.urls import path, re_path, include

from django_schema_sprout.schema_sprout import SchemaSprout

urlpatterns = [
    path("api/", include(SchemaSprout("name_of_unmanaged_db").router.urls)),

Accessing created models

You can access created models, serializers and views by accessing SchemaSprout attributes:

table_name = "my_table"
schema_name = "my_schema"

obj_key = f"{schema_name}_{table_name}"

my_model = my_db_sprout.models.get(obj_key, None)

my_model_serializer = my_db_sprout.serializers.get(obj_key, None)

my_model_view = my_db_sprout.views.get(obj_key, None)


Feel free to contriute or open an issue.

For local development:

  • in your venv install dev dependencies pip install -e ".[dev]"
  • for testing install test dependencies pip install -e ".[test]"

Running tests requires to have installed Postgres.


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0


For questions feel free to contact me:

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