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A partial implementation of the SCIM 2.0 provider specification for use with Django.

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This is a provider-side implementation of the SCIM 2.0 [1] specification for use in Django.

Note that currently the only supported database is Postgres.


Install with pip:

$ pip install django-scim2

Then add the django_scim app to INSTALLED_APPS in your Django’s settings:


By default, request.user.is_anonymous() is checked to determine if the SCIM request should be allowed or denied.

If you have specific authentication needs, look into overriding the default “is authenticated predicate” (i.e. see GET_IS_AUTHENTICATED_PREDICATE for details) or subclassing the middleware that performs the check (AUTH_CHECK_MIDDLEWARE).

Add the necessary url patterns to your root file. Please note that the namespace is mandatory and must be named scim:

urlpatterns = [
    path('scim/v2/', include('django_scim.urls')),

Finally, add settings appropriate for you app to your file:

    'NETLOC': 'localhost',
            'type': 'oauth2',
            'name': 'OAuth 2',
            'description': 'Oauth 2 implemented with bearer token',

Other SCIM settings can be provided but those listed above are required.





This project uses Poetry to manage dependencies, etc. Thus to install the necessary tools when developing, run:

` poetry install `


Tests are typically run locally with tox ( Tox will test all supported versions of Python and Django.


To run the test suite with a single version of Python (the version you created the virtualenv with), run:

` poetry run pytest tests/ `


` tox -e coverage `


This library is released under the terms of the MIT license. Full details in LICENSE.txt file.


This library was forked and developed to be highly extensible. A number of adapters can be defined to control what different endpoints do to your resources. Please see the documentation for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: This app does not implement authorization and authentication. Such tasks are left for other apps such as Django OAuth Toolkit to implement.

Development Speed

Since this project is relatively stable, time is only dedicated to it on Fridays. Thus if you issue a PR, bug, etc, please note that it may take a week before we get back to you. Thanks you for your patience.


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